• 8:15 AM  –  9:00 AM Registration, networking and morning coffee9:00 AM  –  9:05 AMChair’s opening remarksAngela Knight CBE, Non-Executive Director and Board Risk Committee Chair, Provident Financial9:05 AM  –  9:10 AMWelcomeAlex Fraser, Chief Executive, The London Institute of Banking & Finance Speakers:
    • Alex Fraser 9:10 AM  –  9:30 AMGovernment viewpointJohn Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City MinisterSpeaker Biogs:
    • John Glen MP 9:30 AM  –  9:45 AMFounding sponsor’s addressHamad Al Mazrouei, Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Global Market AcademySpeaker Biogs:
    • Hamad Al Mazrouei, 
    • Jassim Al Marzooqi 9:45 AM  –  10:25 AMGrowth and sustainability in an age of disruptionAntónio Horta-Osório, Group Chief Executive, Lloyds Banking GroupSpeaker Biogs:
    • António Horta‐Osório 10:25 AM  –  10:35 AMA vision from the Deputy Mayor of London for BusinessRajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor, Business Speaker Biogs:
    • Rajesh Agrawal 10:35 AM  –  10:55 AMEthical trends and challenges for sustainability in banking and financeOmar Shaikh, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Global Ethical Finance InitiativeSpeaker Biogs:
    • Omar Shaikh 10:55 AM  –  11:30 AMNetworking and morning coffee Morning Simultaneous Sessions11:30 AM  –  1:00 PMA: Trade Finance Futures11:30 – Creating a new regulatory environment for a new global trade and finance reality  
      Daniel Schmand, Global Head of Trade Finance, Deutsche Bank, Chairman, ICC Banking Commission 

      12:00 – How can technology make global trade more efficient, inclusive and less costly?
      Uzair Bawany, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder, Traydstream
      12:20 – When will Blockchain come of age in Trade Finance?
       ModeratorDavid Morrish, Relationship Director, London Institute of Banking & Finance (Chair)
      Jacco de Jong, Global Head of Sales, Bolero International
      Ntokozo Mahlangu, Group Risk, Investec Bank Ltd
      Sibel Sirmagul, European Head of Product and Propositions (incl. Digital) for Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC
      Christopher Kiew-Smith, Section Head – Financial Technology, Financial Services Regulatory Authority, Abu Dhabi Global Market
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Uzair Bawany, 
    • Jacco de Jong, 
    • David Morrish, 
    • Christopher Kiew-Smith, 
    • Ntokozo Mahlangu, 
    • Sibel Sirmagul, 
    • Daniel Schmand 11:30 AM  –  1:00 PMB: Talent & Skills11:30 – The financial services talent crunch
      Anthony Mazen, 
      Head of GSR3 Skills & Capabilities, Group People & Productivity, Lloyds Banking Group

      11:45 – Building a workplace fit for people
      Richard Newland, Director of Brand and Workplace Transformation, Nationwide Building Society

      12:00 – Building a workforce fit for the future 
       ModeratorAlastair Graham, Secretary-General, Global Banking Education Standards Board
       PanelAri Lehavi, Executive Director, Moody’s Analytics 
      Richard Clayton, Head of Group Learning, Lloyds Banking Group 
      Philippa Foster Back CBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics
      Tarja Kallonen, Head of Financial Work and Competence, Finance FinlandJassim Al Marzooqi, Head of Operations and Training, Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Jassim Al Marzooqi, 
    • Richard Clayton, 
    • Philippa Foster Back CBE, 
    • Alastair Graham, 
    • Tarja Kallonen, 
    • Ari Lehavi, 
    • Richard Newland  1:00 PM  –  2:00 PMNetworking and lunch
    • Lunch Sponsor (Day One): Afternoon Simultaneous Sessions2:00 PM  –  3:30 PMC: Payments and Open Banking: New players and new roles14:00 – The changing face of the payments industry and role of the banking sectorPresentationDr Ruth Wandhöfer, Honorary Professor, The London Institute of Banking & Finance; Board Member, LSEG, Permanent TSB, Pendo Systems; Senior Adviser, KPMG; Partner, Gauss Ventures14:20 – Open banking – progress and opportunitiesPresentation
      Nilixa Devlukia, 
      Head of Regulatory, Open Banking Implementation Entity14:50 – How ready are consumers for open banking?
      Renier Lemmens, Visiting Professor of Digital Banking & Fintech, London Institute of Banking & FinancePanelLola Adebanji, Director, EMEA eCommerce Solutions Lead, Citi 
      Thomas Egner, Secretary General, Euro Banking Association​
      Kevin Mountford, Chief Executive Officer, Raisin UK
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Lola Adebanji, 
    • Nilixa Devlukia, 
    • Thomas Egner, 
    • Renier Lemmens, 
    • Kevin Mountford, 
    • Dr Ruth Wandhöfer 2:00 PM  –  3:30 PMD: Creating a culture of risk awarenessConduct and culture – enhancing trust and confidence in banking Chair
      Sakhila Mirza, Executive Board Director & General Counsel, LBMA  
      14:00 – Resiliency, Innovation & Ethics, and the Practice of Risk Management
      PresentationRich Apostolik, President & Chief Executive, Global Association of Risk Professionals  14:20 – Gender equality in banking and finance 
      Hedwige Nuyens, Managing Director, International Banking Federation
      Sang-Kyung Kim 
      , Chairperson, Korea Network of Women in Finance/CEO, Korea International Finance Institute
      Shelley Doorey-Williams, Head of Wealth Planning UK and Jersey, UBS 
      14:50 – Ten years on – has anything really changed? 

      Jo Paisley, Co-President, GARP Risk Institute
      Panel Alison Cottrell, CEO, Banking Standards Board 
      Dimitri Diamantes, Head of Policy, FINSIA  Discussion
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Rich Apostolik, 
    • Alison Cottrell, 
    • Dimitri Diamantes, 
    • Shelley Doorey-Williams, 
    • Sakhila Mirza, 
    • Jo Paisley, 
    • Sang-Kyung Kim  3:30 PM  –  4:00 PMNetworking and afternoon tea4:00 PM  –  4:20 PMThe intersection of banking regulation and sustainable finance PresentationDr Paul Fisher, Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership & Visiting Professor, The London Institute of Banking & FinanceSpeaker Biogs:
    • Dr Paul Fisher 4:20 PM  –  4:55 PMGreening the Financial SystemModerator
      Dr Andrew Hilton, Director, CSFIPanel
      Chris McHugh, Lecturer, The London Institute of Banking & Finance
      Liesel van Ast, Membership and Regional Coordination Manager, UNEP FI (United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative) 
      Heather Buchanan, Executive Director, Policy & Strategy, All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking
      Sean Kidney, Chief Executive, Climate Bonds Initiative
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Dr Andrew Hilton, 
    • Heather Buchanan, 
    • Sean Kidney, 
    • Chris McHugh 4:55 PM  –  5:00 PMClosing summaryProf Pete Hahn, Dean, The London Institute of Banking & FinanceSpeaker Biogs:
    • Prof Pete Hahn 5:00 PM  –  6:00 PMDrinks ReceptionSponsored by:6:00 PM  –  10:00 PMGala Dinner
  • Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  •  8:00 AM  –  9:00 AMGlobal Banking Education Standards Board meeting(invitation only for GBEStB members)Peninsular House8:45 AM  –  9:30 AMNetworking & morning coffee for main conference9:30 AM  –  9:35 AMChair’s opening remarksAli Miraj, Director, Infrastructure Finance, ING Commercial Banking UKSpeaker Biogs:
    • Ali Miraj 9:35 AM  –  10:00 AMSustainability in emerging marketsSteve Barnett, Executive Director – Business Development, Abu Dhabi Global Market Speaker Biogs:
    • Steve Barnett 10:00 AM  –  10:20 AMGreen finance and clean growth: An international imperativeSir Roger Gifford, Chairman of the GFI, City of London CorporationSpeaker Biogs:
    • Sir Roger Gifford 10:20 AM  –  10:40 AMIdentifying and dealing with global threatsKeynote address
      Ian Dyson, Commissioner, City of London PoliceSpeaker Biogs:
    • Ian Dyson 10:40 AM  –  11:00 AMThe role of banking in a sustainable global economyKeynote address
      François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor, Banque de France
       Speaker Biogs:
    • François Villeroy de Galhau 11:00 AM  –  11:30 AMNetworking and morning coffee11:30 AM  –  12:00 PMCybersecurity and operational resilienceChair
      Prof Pete Hahn, Dean, The London Institute of Banking & Finance Moderator
      Sakhila Mirza, Executive Board Director & General Counsel, LBMA  Panellists
      Sam Lee, Head of Operational Risk EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 
      Kirsten Mycroft, Global Chief Privacy Officer, BNY Mellon
      Keith Gross, Head of Financial Crime & Security, Banking and Payments Federation, Ireland & Chair, European Banking Federation Cyber Security Working Group Brussels, Belgium
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Keith Gross, 
    • Sam Lee, 
    • Sakhila Mirza, 
    • Kirsten Mycroft 12:10 PM  –  12:35 PMWhat are the trends in global money laundering typologies and how should the industry respond?Presentation
      Hennie Verbeek-Kusters, Head of the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit); Netherlands and Egmont Group Regional Representative
       Speaker Biogs:
    • Hennie Verbeek-Kusters 12:35 PM  –  1:00 PMInnovation at Santander: Using Hackers to Beat HackersFire-side chat
      Justin Shaw-Gray, Account Director, Synack Inc.  
      Dave Sheridan, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Santander UK 

       Speaker Biogs:
    • Justin Shaw-Gray, 
    • Dave Sheridan 1:00 PM  –  2:00 PMNetworking and lunch2:00 PM  –  2:25 PMTowards a new data ecosystemChair
      Prof Pete Hahn, Dean, The London Institute of Banking & Finance Presentation
      Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Chairman, Open Data InstituteSpeaker Biogs:
    • Sabrina Del Prete, 
    • Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt 2:25 PM  –  2:50 PMUsing data science to foster better consumer outcomesPresentation
      Christine Foster, Managing Director for Innovation, The Alan Turing Institute
       Speaker Biogs:
    • Christine Foster 2:50 PM  –  3:30 PMEthics and the use of dataModerator:
      Darren Parkin, Editorial Director, Coin Rivet

      Prof Pete Hahn, Dean, The London Institute of Banking & Finance 
      Cameron Craig, Deputy General Counsel, Group Head of Data Privacy, Group Legal, HSBC
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Cameron Craig, 
    • Prof Pete Hahn, 
    • Darren Parkin 3:30 PM  –  4:00 PMNetworking and afternoon tea4:00 PM  –  4:45 PMWhat will banks be doing in 2029?Moderator & Chair
      Dr Andrew Hilton, Director, CSFI Panel
      Nick Ogden, Executive Chairman, ClearBank®
      Natalie Ceeney CBE, Chair, Innovate Finance
      Sabrina Del Prete, Founder and CEO, Kore Labs
      Justin Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder and CEO, DueDil
      Speaker Biogs:
    • Natalie Ceeney CBE, 
    • Dr Andrew Hilton, 
    • Nick Ogden 4:45 PM  –  4:55 PMClosing keynote addressCatherine McGuinness, Chair of Policy and Resources, City of London CorporationSpeaker Biogs:
    • Catherine McGuinness 4:55 PM  –  5:00 PMChairman’s/hosts summary5:00 PM  –  5:05 PMIntro to WCBI 2021Alastair Tyler, International Director, The London Institute of Banking & Finance
      Prasad Padmanaban, Chief Executive, Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers